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Mike Hello [Guest], welcome to my blog. The intent of this blog is to share my knowledge base of computers, software, and information technology. Some of the projects are what I do, and some of them are after hour happy projects. I hope that you will find information on this site useful. I'll be updating them over time. I encourage you to visit frequently and communicate via the comments section to share your thoughts.

My professional focus is on resolving application errors and to design and implement a significant web, mobile, and client application that is modular, extensible, and maintainable. My solutions are designed to deliver better services, and better support.

My approach leans more toward clean and professional application and web application. That is to say well organized and easy to navigate. I would like to collaborate with team members on feature development and ensuring that application development stayed consistent with the 3-tier model. I would like to invite you to browse the pages and find out more about me.
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Writing software is the easy part. Integrating, documenting, and maintaining it is the tricky part.
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In the software development process, the top-down and bottom-up approaches play a key role.
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